Totem is focused on small batch artisan roasted coffee
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312 Main Street

Placerville, Ca 95667


7a.m. - 6 p.m.

Wednesday thru Monday

Closed Tuesday

Totem Coffee, Beer, Wine, Food
Totem Coffee not only offers great coffee, but also Beer, Wine and Food
Coffee, Beer, Wine, and Food
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Coffee, Beer, Wine, and Food

Totem is focused on small batch artisan roasted coffee, exploring different roasting profiles, country of origins, and brewing methods. Also beer, wine and food. We roast coffee.

My wife and I stopped by totem Coffee for Lunch. We sat in the beautiful Courtyard and sampled the fantastic food offered by totem. The courtyard view includes the ivy covered wall of the Historic Cary House Hotel as well as a Boutique, Salon, and the Hotel's gift shop. If you are visiting main street, this is the place to stop and relax, enjoy the Coffee, Beer, Wine, and Food.

Neal Martin