WRP B.B.Q. & Catering

Chicken, Beef, Steak, Filet Mignon
St. Louis Pork Ribs, Barrel Smoked Tri-Tip

Sina's Back Roads Cafe

If you are looking for good food and good company Sina’s Backroads Café is the place to be. Serving Coffees, Breakfast, Lunches &. known for the famous Mookie cookie. We also do catering. Friendly customer service is our goal.

At WRP B.B.Q. we also Roast Chickens, Beef, Pork Ribs
At Sina's Cafe we specialize in fresh and tasty home-style food
Sina's Back Roads Cafe
We roast Pigs B.B.Q. & Catering


Sina's Back Roads Cafe

74 Main St, Sutter Creek, CA 95685
(209) 267-0440


Need good food?
We roast on site for events, weddings, graduations, birthdays and more!


Mon. - Tues.: 7:30am - 3:00pm
Wednesday & Thursday: Closed
Fri.: 7:30am - 3:00pm
Sat. - Sun.: 7:30am - 4:00pm

Our goal is to make fresh and tasty home-style food, making friends and creating smiles at fair prices!

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Join us for the most important meal of the day. Enjoy our wide selection of breakfast items from pancakes to bagel.


Do you want a homemade lunch without the mess? Join us for a selection of sandwiches, wraps, burgers and more.


Looking for a good cup of coffee that won’t break the bank? Join us today to enjoy a fresh hot or cold coffee.

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WRP BBQ & Catering

We stuff the pig with a choice of: chicken breast, hot links, all types of peppers and veggies.

We then seal the pig and place it on the rotisserie and watch it turn with flavor for about 6.5 hrs.

When the pig is done, we break the pork down into serving trays for your event or party!

Phone:  (209) 217-7846
Email: wrpbbqcater@gmail.com


74 Main Street, Sutter Creek

(at Sina's)

At Sina's Cafe we specialize in fresh and tasty home-style food