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 Here at Foothill Firearm Supply we like to shoot guns just as much as the next guy. But with a twist.

Once you've purchased from us, you're like family. You'll be part of a fun loving group of people that just like guns. You'll be invited to participate in fun shoots at the range, and other fun get togethers, including semi-annual BBQ's.

 Now here's the twist;

Say you belong to an organization or women's group and you're looking for something exciting for your next meeting. Contact us to schedule some range time in style.

 We'll shuttle your group to the range in one (or both) of our luxurious limousines for an afternoon you'll soon never forget. 

You supply the guest list. we'll supply the fun...

Foothill Firearm Supply offers Guns, Ammo, Supplies

845 CA-49

Jackson, CA 95642



Foothill Firearm Supply offers Guns, Ammo, Supplies, and More
Foothill firearm Supplies offers Guns, Ammo, Supplies, and more
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Foothill firearm Supplies
Foothill Firearm Supply
Foothill Firearm Supplies offer Guns, Ammo, Supplies
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