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Foothill Market, Beer, Wine, Groceries
Foothill Market, A great selection of Micro Brewery & craft Beers
Foothill Market, Groceries and More
Foothill Market

Foothill Market has been serving Auburn for 23 years.  Father(Sam) and Son(Josh) offer great customer service and greet everyone with a smile.

The market has a great selection of Micro Brewery and Craft Beers. If Wine is your preference, come on in and check out the extensive variety including local wines.

The liquor selection is vast. Whatever you may be looking for, you are sure to find at Foothill Market.

This clean, well organized store has plenty of parking and offers Lotto and an ATM. The Large coolers are well stocked with drinks, milk, juice, and and other needs.

Stop in soon for Groceries, Beer, Cigarettes, Wine, Liquor, and more.

Foothill Market has a great selection of Micro Brewery and Craft Beers

Foothill Market has an extensive variety of Wine including Local Wines


13120 Lincoln Way

Auburn, Ca 95603